Realization through the training of Haedong Kumdo – The Way of Martial Arts 해동검도 수련을 통한 배움 -무술의 도(道)

무술의 도(道) =사람의 도(道) = 자연의 도(道) = 자연의 법, 이치, 순리, 사랑 (그리스 아테네 도장에서 2013.3.10) 해외의 활동들이 날이 갈수록 더욱 재미가 있다. 많은 사람들이 무언가 찾아왔던 것들을 찾은 사람들처럼, 아니 아직 잘 알 수는 없지만 마음 속 어딘가에서 끌리는 그 무엇이 사람들 각자 마음속에서 즐기며 … [Read More...]

Video of 2014 Russian Haedong Kumdo events memories in Smolensk, Russia.

T     From Alexy, HK Instructor in Moscow Thanks to Grandmaster Kim Jeong Song I was strengthened in my conviction that the Way of the Sword is a movement towards knowledge and continuous improvement of techniques and myself, and a result of the demonstrations is the essence of my training. A championship and any kind of competition in Haedong Kumdo is not the desire to win over the opponent at all costs or the demonstration my superiority over him, this is not a perception of the partner as the enemy and rival. On … [Read More...]


■ Through 2014 Spring Haedong Kumdo Seminar in Helsinki, Finland■

  ■ Through 2014 Spring Haedong Kumdo Seminar in Helsinki, Finland■Here are some thoughts or feedbacks according to each person,soon more to come from other area instructors and black belts!  I do hope all will be able to get a chance to have good knowledges and other's thoughts through Haedong Kumdo Training in life. Any questions or opinions ot thoughts, it will be shared and answered.  Hope to enjoy to read and understand!! Have a good day, everybody! From kim.              On 28th May … [Read More...]


Feedback from the Finnish Haedong Kumdo (Jinyoung Ssankum Ryu) Spring Seminar in 2014

  This is a feedback from the Finnish Haedong Kumdo (Jinyoung Ssankum Ryu) Spring Seminar held from 7th to 14th of May 2014 in Helsinki by Grandmaster Kim Jeong Seong (9.dan)    and organized by Finnish Rep. Johannes Hentunen (4.dan). As I arrived in Helsinki from the deep heartlands of Finland I was able to attend training sessions from 8th to 13th of May.  As always it was a very productive and enjoyable get-together with Chongjaenim Kim and the Finnish HK family. Again I felt that in knowledge and skill we got deeper … [Read More...]


Feedback of the Russian III Iternational Seminar. 2nd to 4th of May 2014

Feedback of the Russian III Iternational Seminar. 2nd to 4th of May 2014 As it became traditional in May 2014 the 3-d International HK Seminar under the supervision of Grandmaster Kim has held in Smolensk , Russia. It was great surprise for us when we discovered that the President of Australian Haedong Kumdo Association Mr. Stuart Campbell is also coming to visit our Seminar. We have unforgettable moments training and learning together. Kumbups, sparrings, ki-mu outside the Dojang – it was all interesting and helpful as usual when … [Read More...]


2014 Feedback of German Haedong Kumdo Seminar in Spanish and English

  2014 Feedback of German Haedong Kumdo Seminar in Spanish and English             Reporte del Seminario Haedong Kumdo Alemania 2014   El Seminario Haedong Kumdo Alemania 2014 con el Gran Maestro Kim Jeong Seong proveniente de Corea del Sur. La ocasión había sido esperada durante mucho tiempo por el representante de la Asociación Haedong Kumdo Alemania, el maestro Mustafa Balkans. El evento se llevó a cabo en el deportivo para el equipo olímpico alemán en la ciudad de … [Read More...]

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Feedback of 2014 UAE Haedong Kumdo Seminar

                   http://cafe.daum.net/uwhkf/DvEa/590   ■Subject : Feedback of 2014 UAE Haedong Kumdo Seminar ■Date     : 18th to 24th Feb. 2014 ■Place     : Dubai, UAE ■Organized & planned    by Tristan Fernandez,  HK Rep of UAE HK Association Written by Dr Prashant  Nair in English under Tristan Fernandez. Haedong Kumdo Philosophy as explained by Grandmaster Kim Jeong  seong.Introduction through Haedong Kumdo Seminars physicially and mentally during his stay in Dubai, UAE. Everything in life has a … [Read More...]


(In English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese)Feedback from the 2013 Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu Haedong Kumdo Australian Seminar,호주 해동검도 연합회 행사 후기(영어,러시아어,독어,불어,스페인어,포루투칼어번역)

Feedback of 2013 Jin Young Ssangkum Ryu Australian Haedong Kumdo Seminar  written down by Stuart Campbell . Please read it with listening the song of Down Under. It is also translated English into Russian. http://cafe.daum.net/uwhkf/DvEa/588   Feedback from the 2013 Jin Young Ssangkum Ryu Haedong Kumdo Australian Seminar 2013년도 호주 해동검도 연합회 행사 후기 Written down by Stuart Campbell, a president of Australian JY-HK Association The overall feedback for this seminar from 10th to 16th Dec. 2013 both KI MU and Ssangkum Ryu … [Read More...]